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Galena, United States
Last online: 8 months ago

Experimental Music Producer in the Farmers artist collective. I grow various arts with my friends; our farm never has a bad harvest season so feel free to bite into my fruits and veggies anytime.

I live on this farm.

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    uniE603 2) So she left me for Fetty. It's just the drugs though, she knows he doesn't Love her.
    uniE603 7) If you listening, just know that I still think about you.
    uniE603 4) Her name is Chipo by the way... This one's for Her.
    uniE603 1) She couldn't stand the rain on my farmhouse windows,
    uniE603 8) So if you learn to stand the rain, please come back to the farm.
    uniE603 5) Now I'm alone in the trap with just 808 Mafia Beats on repeat in the background.
    uniE603 6) I'm ok though, because Renegades don't cry B.