Of A Place By TOPSIK

Published by TOP SIK.


you will find all my videos here an please do subscribe :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvYD4l2w2og HERES THE LYRICS together we all stand will it be better only one can understand so please take my hand an will rise sometime we need a make a plan with this world full hate no love people taking in demand why all the wars all this fighting I’m crying an dying inside some people with no pride some with no home to go to an they hide in the darkness you gotta be so heartless now where do i start this from beginning to the end all we need is a friend in need someone we depend on what went wrong on this journey so long oh lord an it goes on for many years shedding tears living with them fears hoping for someone near like god now i gotta make this clear if u seen through my eyes now its not about me all the time you wonder why they do crimes thug gin in the streets just to eat hustlen to raise their kids i remember when i was young had to steal from the grocery store cause yes i was living poor i just wanted a little more drunks coming in an out through the door mother raised us different then ya if u could look at this in a different view all this what I’m saying is all true its never gonna change its never new you never knew it always happens out of the blue . Drowning in this what you call of a place surrounded with greed an this hate. shouting out loud for peace an faith oh lord. take a look at your life an someones else’s before you start thinking how you felt it would grab you by the belt cause yea you never dealt with that kind of pain an shit now you have to admit thats more critical then yours what you went through this is just my poetry speaking im not really preaching I’m just teaching you in a way I’m screaming out loud heavy breathing an I’m drowning out this is the true meaning of rap rhythem with the poetry an yea it is potently we are being controlled now that is something that we have to hold some mythical shit an theories are untold now ima about to unfold the secretes an expose #audio #rap #Hip #Hop #music #rapper

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