Neal The Treal a.k.a. Omega
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Atlanta, United States
Last online: 11 months ago

TReal- is a poet philosopher, writer, artist, producer, audio engineer who always had dreams of performing his works, sharing his art with The Universe. One day while in elementary he was asked what did he want to become when he grew up and TReal, replied that he would someday become a great leader, a scientist and a rapper. Latter being dragged and introduced to the streets of Atlanta, Ga. TReal saw that worldly views could be improved if only he could express how he saw the world but lacked the words to paint his inner vision. So TReal, with no help from school taught his ownself how to read and write. During one interview with the young visionary he talks on how he taught himself on how to read by using the Bible and a book called Einstein and Newtonian Physics.