TOMMY GUNZ DISS - B.A.R.Z Battle Rap League

Published by ★ T.S.E ( POET GANG ) ★ TEAM FADED

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[ TOMMY GUNZ DISS LYRICS ] Ya GUNZ ain't Bussin Ya lines ain't touching... Ya Grind ain't Nuthin You may Claim you Gorilla... But once the clips start flushin You can't hang with how Crushin .... Umma Bury u back west U can't tell me Nuthin.. What a GUNZ gonna do to a man of STEEL ? Umma Outkast u on these wheels of steel.... His Bars are Basic, Pre dipped in INFAMIL This SWAY got Answers , But the problems that im Fit to to Kill.... Somebody call a Medivac I'm Bout to get my Medal back... Just watch me kill a Silver Back im So HEARTLESS , so be cautious... I'm going in for all of that Arrest u , Rippin Tissue, Im placin u in Cardiac.. Tare ya sign to pieces , im killing off ya Zodiac Once I place u where u going , Their wont be no coming no coming back .. No use for all of that , Talking & Squawking, Im quick to choke out all the wacks .... I'm knockin TOPPINS off FROSTIN Give u a Head stone with the Plack.... Tommy Boy , u shoulda ducked , Cuz now ya fuckin head is Quacked Take ya EGO like the REPO , u wont get by with Fix a Flat.... My murderous is Permanent , Im printing this one in the Stats Your GORE ain't REALA , if u cannot speak with the Facts ... Place your Bullshit to the wall like my verses came with Tape & Tacks * This is my YAWD , u shouldnt of came on the site I cause Panic , Mechanic , Got more tools than construction sites ... No need to Bite , I'm just gone knock u out with the Mic And once I RIP u with these Rhymes, Umma delete u , just like a site... I kill on site , Erase a Fight, Punches rock u to sleep , Yeah Bitch Goodnite ! U acting Superman , I'll Place u in a Crypt tonite, ... Ya bitch is Jockin me,, i'll fucker in the whip tonite And u aint stoppin me, Still gettin ya ass whipped in Fights... I'm the King shit of killing shit Swift to change up Arithmetic... You niggas Fake COUGH , im really sick M.O.B ( My own Bars ) Sentenced u off on just a Brick ( DOPE ) ... #audio #BARZ #Battle #Rap #League #Swakay #Sway #BattleRap #Diss

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