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Oklahoma City, United States
Last online: 2 years ago

Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was an artist for years, but have refocused my efforts towards producing others and engineering studio sessions. My productions come in a variety, some of the more popular being those with an R&B/Jazzy musical flavor. My passion is hip-hop, as I am from a generation that was fortunate enough to experience early rap in it’s rawest form and then observe the gradual progressions over the years that eventually brought us to where we are today. Most of my productions are more like hip-hop with an original twist (I really strive to have my own sound as opposed to playing it safe and doing what everybody else is doing at the time). This, while being a format that could make me or break me, opens the productions up to all styles of rap and R&B, including Old School West Coast, New School West Coast, many East Coast styles, Atlanta and Chicago styles, rap that includes R&B vocals on the chorus and/or throughout the song, laid back styles along with artists that have the ability to straight bust. I am a freelance producer and engineer, and I’m always scouting talent. I stay available to work with other artists looking to boost their careers. My main goal is to help aspiring artists bring their musical projects to life, as most artists and producers from my generation were not afforded this luxury. We had to figure everything out for ourselves (no YouTube, Internet, or other forms of social media). I like to allow the vocalist to focus on vocals and not have to worry about all the ins and outs of making beats and recording high-quality sessions. Artists that would like more information or perhaps would be interested in discussing future projects, feel free to email me directly at https://www.twine.fm/signin I hope you enjoy what you hear. Thanks!!


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