T-Stackx - Talk My Shit Prod. By Cardo

Published by Rapper/Producer Genres: Hip Hop/Rap


Sorry for the delay on my new mixtape. DEATH TO MUMMBLE RAP! Lyrics - Hook: Yea Nigga, Let Me Talk My Shit, These Niggaz Ain't Coming Up Quick, These Niggaz Ain't Making No Hits, All They Doin' Is Mummbling And Shit, Yea Nigga, Let Me Talk My Shit, WhyThese Bitches Waanna Suck My Dick, These Niggaz Ain't Got It Like This, I Had The Juice When I Was About Ten! Verse: Im Still Poppin' Like Champagne Pappi, These Niggaz Copy, But They Do It Sloppy, Im Chasing Green Like I Love The Brocoli, Erry-Thing I Know, My Momma Taught Me, Im Still a Grinder And a Big Tymer, I Just Want The Money, Nigga I Don't Want Problems, Nigga, I Ain't Wit Da Drama, I Got The Club Bouncing Like a 64 Impala, Yea Baby, Let a Nigga Holla, You Say You Need a Father, Well, Im Up For The Challenge, Making Bitches Cry For My Dick, That's Talent, Im The Coolest Nigga In This Bitch, Im Stylin' I Maybe Humbled, But Im Real On a 1,000 You Wanna Talk Shit Nigga, Let's Talk About It! #audio #Hiphop Rap #Hip #HopRap #Rap #Hip #Hop #TStackx #Talk #My #Shit #Prod #By #Cardo #Cardo #Currensy #Curren$y #Drake #2017

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