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Rabat, Morocco
Last online: 10 months ago

English :
Taher Afquir, alias Taher . A, quickly develops a passion for music, several different styles: from hip-hop, r’n’b and old school in general … to house in all its genres. He then spends most of his time listening to this music and dissecting it, and begins to take more and more interest in Djing.

He then starts to learn the basics of this art. Self-taught, he learned how to mix . after which he begins to create dates in different parties (Set nightclub Ifrane, Barock Rabat, 5ème avenue Rabat…). Wanting to dive deeper into this field, he decided to also get involved in production, while staying true to his underground style.

So he takes part in the creation of the group “Moroccan Electronic Sound / MES”

His passion in this domain has always pushed him to innovate in his designs, and work with all styles (Tech House, Deep House, Minimal Techno …).

On June 7, 2010, the first Release was out , an EP entitled “Into The Dream”

The second release wasthe Ep Sex addic, from which a track featuring Teh with Aniss Hypnoise is always available on beatport …

The third release was a remix of christian hard - Mi tierra (Taher A Remix) ,also still available for sale on beatport.

his fourth remix was Andy Ochoa - he Pulled out a gun (Taher A remix) which is sold on beatbort too.

Francais :

Taher Afquir, alias Taher . A, se passionne très vite pour la musique, d’abord par plusieurs styles différents en passant par le hip-hop r’n’b l’old school en general … ,house dans tous ses genres. Il passe alors le plus clair de son temps a écouter cette musique et a la décortiquer, et commence a s’intéresser de plus en plus au Deejing.

C’est alors qu’il commence a apprendre les bases de cet art. Autodidacte, il apprends comment mixer.Il commence alors a se créer des dates dans differentes soirées, (Set nightclub ifrane,Barock rabat,5éme avenu rabat…) voulant alors se plonger encore plus dans ce domaine, il décide de se mettre a la production , fidéle a son style underground .

Il participe alors a la création du groupe “Moroccan Electronic Sound / M.E.S.”

Sa passion dans ce domaine le pousse a toujours innover dans ses créations, et a toucher a tous les styles ( Tech House , deep house , Minimal Techno … ) .

Le 7 juin 2010, le premier Release sort, un EP intitulé “Into The Dream”,

Le deuxiém release l’Ep Sex addict dont le track Teh en featuring avec Aniss Hypnoise est toujours disponible sur beatport …

le troisiém release c’était un remix pour christian hard - Mi tierra (Taher A Remix) toujours disponible en vente sur beatport .

son quatriém remix pour andy ochoa - he pulled out a gun (Taher A remix)
En vente sur beatport aussi …

Taher A
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