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created by TailrMdeLvn x Kutthrowt [REBLOG THIS BLUNT ON] download link: FILM NOIR LYRICS: coolin chillin vibin wildin livin even if you don’t smoke just sit back and pour yourself a drink just kick back on your back and just drift to this groovy ish elevate beyond your dreams call this a soul lift crown heads with clouds while the world builds its own feel to this tell me that you feel this tell me that you feel this [hook] we get high, high crazy cool mellow moods, for the mellow dudes roamin around these busy london streets headphones on while i zone to beats these sound waves yeah they speak to me and guide me to were i need to be free young rebel in the world with no place to go so i form home in the hearts of the real those who like me love to feel some ish f*ck your nudes, send me poems to keep me goin my intellect needs touching feedin dim sum over hoes x2 listen here, your soul is worth more than everything you own live above the bullshit and learn to swim quick before you sink in now let me sink in to the sofa while this playlist does something vintage stoner nigga im livin I’m just chillin in my 33 dustin crumbs of my denim jeans toast combined with residue of trees just know the scene is peace sometimes i look at the stars w/ my hand on my heart and i say i need more space im spaced so out so out of this world (hook) im in love with mary jane she’s drivin me insane she got me x 4 (hook) i blame jhene that i souled out i blame jhene that i souled out curse this good kid from forest hill drive life can be an oxymoron if you aint liven right till when you find yourself asking forgiveness from Yeezus christ every night shit, wait i mean jesus i guess i just got music on my mind these lines have me fallen deep into time and feelin this high dealin art in the black market the big lipped bastard has risen hello from london got those vibes that will keep you buzzing and keep her comin im in the kitchen whipping up a new batch just know that the art dealer is back the popular loners back and the popular loner is back and this is his track still got tailrmdelvn on my back if music is drug let your dealer be high i mean i i mean we TMLOE (hook) im in love with mary jane she’s drivin me insane she got me x 4 #audio #Hip Hop #Freda #Payne #Mary #Jane #Gerald #Martin #Johanssen #Film #Noir #Soulful #TMLOE #TailrMdeLvn #London #Uk #USA #Kutthrowt #Texas #Dallas #International #Vibes #Hey #Arnold #Groovy #Motwon #Modern #Jazz #Jazz #Jazz #Fusion

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