SANTA ANA [Mura Masa - ill be alright remix]

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FILM NOIR [LYRICS] still on the same red room antics savage animalistic urges to the pretty femme braggin to her friends about what happened this weekend liven life aint a secret headin to havana sit back and be a witness see this roller coaster feelin like bass reeves my piece inside my holster roamin oaklahoma lone ranger is still a loner she already knows that if you date a poet THAT you’ll be remembered your not eye candy your soul food so soulful eryka badu, slumflower energy that takes me higher i fell for you when i heard haz solo quote cheers to the butt naked college girl in my robe walk alone rose gold be alluring you truth be told these holes need to be only filled by you all of this whispers making us lovers strangers so let us give life to the room under the red light you don’t have to call baby love…. (hook) I’m just a poet w/ a dirty mouth and she’s reminiscent of a beautiful women i had on a poster when i was a child wild to say the least kisses between i and she words they sink deep while my palms make art of her cheeks the lower region southern borders are bein crossed and all the taboos do is intrigue me to pursue you lets explore forget what ever we have done before past lovers are now ancient a blank canvas painting now lets see how far we can get lost in this moment warm hearts are common whispers have gained some volume somehow now when i look out i wanna see loves dirty secret or at least victorias while your dancing passion always happens around the weekend. god bless for abel I’m just bein real whats on your mind you don’t have to call baby love…. We are pleased to announce that FILMNOIR [the mini EP] is officially ready for the wild. An avant garde music piece that will take each listener on a majestic ride through the red room. After two releases of creative, dynamic, soul blending, hip-hop, avant garde fusions of music that bought the young British duo some recognition, they have decided to build upon their name. This year, you will experience a sound that will take your mind on a flight into a forbidden nirvana of red lights and intense vibes. Their mission of combining the arts, ethnic diversity, and introducing the world to them and the TailrMdeLvn lifestyle is beginning to take place and it all starts with the release of this new project . With a new year and a new location, TailrMdeLvn have been making some changes. Their production has been revamped and their sound has been given a cinematic nature that makes every listener feel like they are in the front row seat of a TailrMdeLvn show. FILMNOIR is a combination of many genres, eras and cultures. From Chad Valley, Rush Midnight, Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffti, 90’s vibes, Kendrick Lamar, Chance The Rapper, Frank Ocean and others. The influence of different sounds throughout FILMNOIR is quite stunning. Each song plants a seed within your mind that blossoms a tale that you can't help but get lost within . Such songs like "Yogi” and “Trouble

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