Demi God B

Published by Tailrmdelvn

  • 1 credits An open letter: The goal will be to redefine the idea of how one makes music. We intend to present music that is almost reminiscent of the old days yet at the same time feels forward thinkin especially as music is nostalgia yet at the same time can make one wander of what the future brings. It’s an energy that triggers somethin within a person. Nothing is new, everythin is improved. Genres fuse, genres enhance, genres regress. So in that case we decided to let the vision live no matter what. When our imagination finds life the world around us becomes so much more than we have ever envisioned. The idea of life in another world can be so alluring to some of us that we can’t help but find solace in so many different things on this planet. The arts have become our wild and we are now the wolves roaming the wilderness. The Prelude To The Revolution is raw, uncut and enticing. From that description alone only an open mind could find the wave. Don’t critic the tape, listen to the project for months then listen to it next year and then 5 years later and with every play we believe you will understand the TailrMdeLvn sound more and more. Love it or hate it but when we produce and wrote this piece it was always about freedom. We build sounds together and then write poems and scripts that go with the essence of the bump. We create art with the sole aim of it surpassing our very own existence. That “starve the ego, feed the soul” type of feel. Thank you for reading. Now enjoy the bump but remember this is just the prelude.... X #audio #TailrMdeLvn #TMLOE #Demi #God # #Art #Freedom #Vinyl #London #715

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