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the story of 'GIRL A' This song is inspired by the beat tape we shall be releasing titled “A Womans Hour Glass”, the music is inspired by the women we have come across since we started doing this beautiful thing they call music and even from just bein blessed w/ the chance to be alive. The music is all about the impact it has on you while listening. The music is apart of us and you. [small poem] with a sudden rush of jasmine within the air it was as if the vibe of the room had become its very own haven the pitter patter of the earth moved beneath my feet had my brain repeating images of yesteryear do i write this poem or do i steal a glance of the lady in the black to my right dressed as if her only intent was to break a heart while music plays throughout my mind i start to imagine a peace only a dreamer could see my silence is beautiful as much as it is uncomfortable yet revolutions still dominate my thoughts and all of these smoke clouds have be come euphoric from walking the city of leylaan, to sitting on a wall under the sun somewhere else there is no better place than london the city that dances to its own tune and makes its own move this woman reminds me of time standing still her smile could entice the fire in even the most modest of man she decided to hold my thoughts hostage with every click of her heels after every step she owned the room her mind is probably her most majestic asset her intellect has already made me surrender this is the tale of when a crush leaves you crushed #audio #TailrMdeLvn #UK #London #TMLOE #Art #Alternative #Fusion #Soul #Soulful

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