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XIV [production] debuted on @The405 // uh, who would think that this vodka bottle could survive the whole damn ride especially as lately these nights been feelin heavy rememdy is this even though it aint suppose to be there no girl i want to call back or even can i say still cross my mind i don’t miss hoes, i miss flights what else can i do but stay up on my grind i saw a whole year go by literally bye while watching from the sideline bidding my time i got to make sure that this wave rides i doubt vodka has the answer but its worth a shot LSA haze leaves you dropped from the first pop trigger finger just itching to get back to the spitting no regard for who I’m hitting trap soul gave a pulse to a sleeping giant you see us riding waiting in the wings money on your king free your kin or its some get down or lay down type ish minds in another world about to set this bitch to corleone for blood to be left even in these steps w/ age comes knowing the difference between notoriety and having respect you’ve been walking on your 14th minute tell me for all that papi show they gave you a check red lights on cameras running make a decision which position is suited, what life are you live in can’t be the child at home no more kidding i guess thats why right now this is feeling like this could all be the beginning right now tell me this could be something different (hook) this for those good girls w/ that hood playlist that 3 am faded late night I’m alone so what you doin type chicks under the influence of the life , the thrill of the ride feel its my will to be ferrall in the world domesticated paradise got lit let the flames set that house to a crisp real quick after the gasoline drip dripped i let the sky own my spliff always keep the same accomplice for every hit deep in the mist is the myth don’t take an inch as my boys move real swift in this section the sound the gods will play to part the clouds live rounds on the gaza strip man down money on my head to do something different only death is promised and TailrMdeLvn feels so good to have this feelin back in my system for a minute i was slipping so now its back to the basics back to the music to keep my muse moving #audio #TailrMdeLvn #Vibes #Jodeci #Mellow #MellowHype #Wave #World #XIV #The405 #Retro #London #Art #Bass #Cool #Deep #TMLOE #XXX #Raw #Uncut #Trapsoul #Rolling #Loud #Diary #Of #A #Mad #Band #The #Show #The #After #Party #The #Hotel #Charlotte #North #Carolina #90s #Canada #AltRB

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