The Pumpkin-Eater's First Mission 2013

Published by Minna Pang

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Stop-motion 2013 A short film of, superhero exorcist, "The Pumpkin-Eater's" first mission ever. Though a creative mind, and highly skilled in combat, he's new to the job, low on funds and is need of some sweet ride for transportation, and it just so happens a cute girl is in need of some saving.... Made with: Armature Wire, Clay, Baked Clay, Fabric, lots of hot glue, Paint, wood, my blood, sweat, and tears. Note: This was done for a school related project at the time, therefore copyright fair use of material was non-profit educational purposes. And if needed I will replace that 5 seconds of copyrighted sound with something else instead (original guitar rift rightfully belongs to "Dude That's my Ghost" creators) #video #stop-motion #animation #stop-motion animation #ThePumpkin-Eater #OriginalAnimatedShort #comedy

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Minna Pang @TaroChuu3 years ago

Hmmm Uploading this video on here as well, for some reason it doesn't show up in HD format so here is the youtube link in case there's any HD fans or anyone who wants to look at the detail of the stop-motion a little more clearly:


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