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Portland, United States
Last online: 2 years ago

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Timothy Lawrence has solidified himself as the rising electronic hip hop producer and songwriter Tawrence.
It all started with a $40 MIDI keyboard and an Acer notebook, since then it’s only gotten better. Currently working with the likes of Alaya, BLVNT Records, Eyrst, and collaborating with artists such as Myke Bogan, Flamingosis and Pacific Patterns, progression has been so key within the music.

Forever searching for sounds and tones that feel so unfamiliar, yet pleasant to the ears, don’t be surprised to find this artist at the top of the Portland music scene in the coming years.

    uniE603 Gorillaz - Tomorrow Comes Today RMX (Collective Resonance Gorillaz Remix EP)
    uniE603 Bubble Tea (From the Wizards Only 'Wand Aerobics' compilation)