Roll On

Published by Sumeet Jassal

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Beat is purchased from DJ 151 Recorded with DJ 151 ( (Intro) I don’t understand kids these days man, They look at things from the outside in, They don’t understand what it truly means man, Trying to be what they see on TV but they don’t understand the true meaning Verse 1 I only want one thing, And yo’ll want the same thing, I scream peace to the top of my lungs but you still gang bang, Attracted to the life style of shiny thangs, Rags to riches is a convenient story but it’s a silly thing, Let’s be real for a second, The man in you is thinking different, Picking up a gun don’t earn you respect, It keeps you distant, It scares away the kids, And your friends become enemies, Scared to die like punk bitches, Ride with me homie, Jack marks and sip 40’s, Give me that blunt, roll it up, Pass it to my little homie, Take a puff, It might just be your last, Stay strapped, I see a drive by quickly approaching, Bang, Bang, Shook, rattled, and gone, That’s your life homie, Now tell me, Do you still wanna to roll on Chorus x 4 Don’t go to sleep homie, You need to stay away for me, Everyday the end could come, Clutch your nine with me Verse 2 Picture this scene, Pour me liquor but keep it harder, This life style’s aint for the weak, I aint no martyr, Stress level high, Everyday another dies, Tough to make friends, When no homies are by your side, Pour me another glass, They don’t seem to last, My strap is my bestie, But we never laugh, When I have to blast, I see another flash, Memories of my childhood, How did I end up last, I wanted money, Picture fame, I’m getting pussy, But when I wake she leaves, Uh, I’m getting needy, I need someone to stay with me, I need a wifey, But If I picture a family, I’ll be teary, I hate to say this, But death is getting weary, My child will stay unborn, I hate this feeling, Uh, Now tell me do you want to roll on Chorus x 4 Don’t go to sleep homie, You need to stay away for me, Everyday the end could come, Clutch your nine with me Verse 3 Late nights and early mornings aint a strange thing, Sleep with one eye open, clutch my death thang, Call up my homie cause I can’t sleep, But then I remember the funeral, So now I’m feeling weak, Where do I go from here, I hate to live with fear, Everyday the end could come, It’s creeping near, I need somebody to hold me tight, Let me surrender my pain, show you how I feel on the inside, But who could that be, Who wants to see me happy, A couple of shots, Uh there goes my body, This life is growing old, I think I need a change, If I escape to the night, Will I escape my pain, I’m just a troubled man, Caused by a troubled plan, More money will be the death of me, God damn(echo)

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