Maybe You Dream Too Much

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We spent that afternoon together, I hug you, I see your eyes, I try to kiss you... We go out again ... "same story" We walk the streets, you hold me again and again, I look happy, aren’t you too? We returned , you hug me, and you do it as if you need me to be there forever, but stop , something is making me doubt, this seems too good to be true, but you did it again, you seem so happy, me too … And I knew it walking home, I remembered what happened before You said,” I don’t want you to go again”, I said “I’m afraid that the same thing happens” And the truth is that I don’t know why you talked to me the first time ,you said, it was because I just wanted to, I guess that is true what I was supposed to do...? It's been days and I always see the message that I sent ... “Have a nice day “Monday, 9:33 o clock in the morning… my heart is yours...and this song as well. #audio #ACoustc #Easy

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KingMoner @MonerLaine3 years ago

Ame esta canción. :)


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