#179 Ahsoka Tano Character Dissection

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The listeners voted for it so here it is. The Ahsoka Tano character dissection. Quick Episode Summary: News: Rian Johnson talks about the change he asked for in The Force Awakens Our initial thoughts on seeing this new character and padawan of Anakin Skywalker Was she chosen to be Anakin's padawan becasue she was unique with the force? Or was she a sacrifice for him to let go? Reckless as Anakin? Trying to impress her master, Obi-Wan and the Jedi Ahsoka the teacher Ahsoka's Jedi trials Leaving the order More of a Jedi than the Jedi? Her ability to let go Joining the rebellion Ahsoka vs Vader Did she become stronger in the force because of the Daughter in the Mortis Arc? Her parallels to Luke Skywalker The future of Ahsoka Help us spread the word about the show Click here to subscribe via iTunes Click here to subscribe via RSS Click here to subscribe via Stitcher Click here to subscribe via Google Play Music Click here to subscribe via SoundCloud Feedback and Promotion Send feedback and comments to cantinacastfanmail@gmail.com Follow us on Twitter @TheCantinaCast Like us on Facebook: The Cantina Cast Follow us on Instagram: The Cantina Cast Subscribe on YouTube: Cantina Cast Mike's Twitter: @PodcasterMike Mike's Facebook: PodcasterMike Mike's Instagram: @PodcasterMike #audio #Podcast #Star #Wars

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