Episode 69: But it's a whole 'nother year.

Published by The Cantina Cast


The Cast is back in the Cantina and there’s a lot to stew over, starting with the latest News: George Lucas won’t watch “The Force Awakens” teaser, Mark Hamill’s enjoyment from the fans virtual reactions to the trailer, and the unveiling of the character names, their possible meanings or connections to the saga. Then … it’s discussion time and there’s plenty to ponder. Join Mike and Joao as they go into Speculation mode; focusing on all the current revelations surrounding “The Force Awakens” teaser up to date. So, hang up your Jedi or Sith robes and enjoy a glass of your favorite brew, as you savor the analytical theories that some might consider … unnatural. #audio #StarWars TheForceAwkens #PodCast

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