Episode72: Best Star Wars Scenes & Chris Pratt

Published by The Cantina Cast


Welcome to The Cantina Cast! On this episode, Mike and Joao discuss the most recent happenings surrounding anything and everything relating to Star Wars: Michael Fassbender as the possible frontrunner for BOBA FETT, a LucasFilm Subpoena over leaked imagery, a spinoff of REBELS Sabine, and Chris Pratt as the new Indiana Jones. Afterwards, the guys give a quick review of the new Marvels Star Wars comic #1 and then, offer us a Happy Hour treat by providing us with a special shot of their upcoming Luke dissection. Begun, a Hero’s Journey has … Followed up by the latest installments of REBELS and their TOP 5: Best Opening Scene Best Climax Best Fight or Duel Best Dialogue & Best Supporting Cast #audio #StarWars #StarWarsTheForceAwakens #StarWarsRebels

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