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Welcome to the Cantina Cast! Join Mike and Joao as they submerge themselves in Star Wars Goodness while discussing the latest news: The Saga Continues … as STAR WARS Releases 20 Books containing the untold stories that lead up to ‘The Force Awakens’ movie and impending Sequel Trilogy. They also zoom in on the official announcement of the first, highly anticipated ‘Spin-off’ film: Rouge One featuring the very talented Felicity Jones. After which, Joao puts on the tin-foil hat and theorizes the design of Kylo Ren’s quillon styled lightsaber. **Special Guest appearances via Indiana Comic Con are: Dan Z, Cory Clubb, and Tom from Coffee with Kenobi and the funtastic Amy Ratcliffe from Nerdist, @StarWars.com, @IGN and more.** #audio #StarWars #TheForceAwakens #Podcast

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