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"The Fetishclub is now back on the hardcore scene.For those that didnt no FetishClub was born back in 1999 by Mc Dirtyslap and myself we kicked of bigtime everything was free hardcore darkcore doomcore hardstyle terror everything we also had other important members to the crew such as BrainFucker,Braindeztructor,Mo​s,Agonisticmusic,egon of death,chaos,painkiller,and more.Fetishclub will sponser most things and get things flowing smoothly.We will promote free advertise free BUT a catch you will have to show our logo on your banner somwhere but must been seen as a promotional logo.This is it now if i could link Energizer with the ever growing FetishClub it could go even further.This is just a though peeps but if you was to go research Unchainskillz mcdirtyslap and myself you will come across loads of things we were doing for fetishclub.We have even had slots at thunderdome moh and terrorland.Before CSR went down we also interacted alot with them and plague himself.So FetishClub is for real but like i said we have only just gave it life again and this time were sticking around.Thanks for reading peeps :).

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