The final conflict
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Kitchener, Canada
Last online: 7 months ago
The Final Conflict consists of 2 artists. MISSION: Creating tunes that will make the devil poop Gods pants METHOD: Creativity combined with positive intention; wisdom and a universal understanding of "Absolute Truth." Using proficient and/or efficient/effective communicative strategies, with utmost attention to, detail and intelligent composition, definitive; exceptionally intricate digital pattern arrangement; we aim to create significant, dynamic movement of what appears to be still.(audibly) To add: SUBTLE VARIATION; MATHEMATICAL PRECISION; as well as implemented musical theory of CERTAIN FREQUENCIES, CERTAIN MELODIES, CERTAIN MUSICAL COMPOSITION, QUALITY M.U.S.I.C. PRODUCTION ; and CERTAIN MONOTONY we calculate the end result of our presentations will ACTIVATE or TRIGGER a VISUAL RESPONSE (either internally or externally) that ultimately leads to the inspiration of DIVINE ABSOLUTE TRUTH. SKILLS/INTEL ACQUIRED; ASCERTAINED: Experience; wisdom; rich in skills with Techno, House, Drum and bass, Dubstep and Drumstep, exceptional attention to detail and reasonable/logical accuracy with complete and utter regard; acknowledgement; and appreciation for "DIVINE ABSOLUTE TRUTH" which IS; WAS; ALWAYS WILL BE; CREATIVE, AND ETERNAL;" We have found evidence to suggest that of which could not be articulated accurately using conventional communicative methods, can be reasonably articulated and conveyed and received/interpreted/acknowledged/comprehended/UNDERSTOOD by CERTAIN INDIVIDUALS, that have an affinity and/or appreciation for TRUE LOGIC and ABSOLUTE TRUTH; with an obvious regard to the exception that WE are NOT perfection but to the best of our abilities as LISTENING RECEPTACLES and the WISDOM gained through EXPERIENCE with DIVINITY; and the power of ABSOLUTE TRUTH, as well as our prevalence towards being TRUE to OURSELVES we aim to inspire HOPE and attempt to REMOVE the BLINDERS from your eyes by using the communicative method/medium referred to as "M.U.S.I.C." (MATHEMATICAL, UNDERSTANDING, of SACRED INTELLIGENT CREATIVITY) OPERATION CODE NAME: "The Final Conflict" MAIN TARGET: Ignorance. SECONDARY TARGET: Society. (CODE NAME: "Y.O.U.") Weapons of Choice: "Exceptional Composition; A specific point of view on things; Intelligence; Absolute Truth; Divine inner direction; Creativity; Kindness; Logic; Amen Breaks and Driving snare drums; Massive VST; Addictive Drums; Quality Audio Production; Quality Audio Engineering; Alienware Computer; FL Studio 11 (continuously upgrading); Flux Headphones; ETC. STATUS: IN OPERATION. LOCATION: LEVEL 10 CLASSIFICATION. ONLY CERTAIN INDIVIDUALS WILL EVER HAVE THIS CLEARANCE OR EVER FIND THIS SOLDIER AND THAT IS NOT ONLY A PROMISE THAT IS A FACT! TRY IT AND ALL ACCESS TO THIS PAGE WILL REMAIN OUT OF REACH AND OR GRASP AND OR UNDERSTANDING FOR ETERNITY < PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FIND THE FINAL CONFLICT AS IS NATURE AND ALL SOULS FIGHTING FOR THE GREATER GOOD USING TOOLS FROM CREATOR AND ALL KIND SOULS AND THOSE SEARCHING FOR THE MYSTERIES OF DIVINE PROTOCOLS AND THE MYSTERIES OF THE UNKNOWN ARE ALWAYS PROTECTED BY HIS ZEAL; HIGHER INTELLIGENCE AND ALWAYS WILL BE; FROM ALPHA TO OMEGA CAREFULLY CALCULATING AND PROJECTING LOVE AND LOVE AND PEACE AND PEACE AND HARMONY WITH ALL THINGS.... TRANSMISSION LOST................................................ MUST "ABOVE TOP SECRET CLEARANCE" OR HIGHER TO ACCESS ANY AND ALL INFORMATION IMMEDIATELY ADJACENT LEFT TO THE VERY LAST "S" IN THIS PARAGRAPH (THE POINT/ PERIOD)COORDINATOR CAN GRANT ACCESS. < (BEYOND THIS POINT of VIEW, YOU MUST HAVE AUTHORIZATION AND CLEARANCE, OR WE WILL SHOOT TO THRILL, USING INTELLIGENT TRUTH FREQUENCIES AIMED DIRECTLY AT YOUR MENTAL STATE OF BEING)