The Jazz Pit Vol 4 : Soul - No limits

Published by The Jazz Pit


1. Brown Baby by Diana Ross 2. What's going on (Live) by Marvin Gaye 3. Dirt & grime by Farthers children 4. Nowhere to run by Family underground 5. Suga would ya by Sammy Campbell 6. People will be people by Gold 7. To love someone by JC Brooks 8. L.A. will make you pay by Burton Inc. 9. Get thy bearings by Sand Dollars 10. No Limit by Darrow Fletcher 11. Just leave me some by Black Ivory 12. We got to get together by Masterminds 13. My style by Nicky James 14. I'm the one by Spoon bread 15. Tears don't care who cries by Out of sights 16. Fever by Manhattans #audio #Soul

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