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    U.S. Senator John Boozman 2016

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    Since the recent election, there have been many questions and concerns nationally as well as internationally on what to expect from the Trump Administration . This is why we felt that it was very important to get some perspectives on the directions the U.S. will soon be embarking. Discussion Topics: Federal Judge halted the DOL’s overtime rule that was supposed to go into effect last week and why Senator Boozman supported legislation to stop the overtime rule. Why the Senate pass a ten year extension on sanctions against Iran Senator Boozman’s interpretation of what “Make America Great” means Funding For Infrastructure Projects Economy Obama Care Impact of Fed Policy/Dodd Frank on Bank Lending Militarization of Government Agencies and Police Departments 2030 Agenda Disaster Preparation Plans Senator Boozman’s outlook for the next for years We were able to pack a lot questions into this interview. Thank you for leaving your questions and/or comments. #U.S. Senator John Boozman #John Boozman #Make America Great #Donald Trump #Trump Administration #Dodd Frank #Obama Care #Repeal Obama Care #Bank Crash #Bail Out #Bail In #2030 Agenda #Disaster Preparation Plans #Disaster Plans

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