The Reptiles

Published by Igor Zotov

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EP The Perfect Balance is out now. This is a full-length official preview with sound quality reduced. Order EP (320 kbps 44.1 kHz mp3 sound quality) by sending a request to: Music and audio production by Sergei Terekhov ( Lyrics and vocals by Igor Zotov ( The Perfect Balance track listing: 01. Rat race 02. Lost in the sea of dreams 03. The reptiles 04. Nothing can heal my heart The reptiles (lyrics by Igor Zotov) Right to the wolves' lair We ain't gonna play fair We sneak like reptiles in the night Stuck to our guns -- we hold on tight Just neck or nothing -- we believe We come, without a by-your-leave We're led by Thunder's mighty roar We're heading for a hostile shore The aim is clear -- it's dead ahead In for the kill -- till you drop dead You've crossed the line Feel shivers down your spine Freeze! Don't move! Wrong time you pick to screw around guys. Drop your weapons, it's all over, there's no way out. Whoever you are -- we don't give a damn. Copyright (c) The Balance, Sergei Terekhov, Igor Zotov #audio #Rock #Metal

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