Stuck In Limbo

Published by Igor Zotov

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"Stuck in Limbo" is another song by The Balance band from debut LP "Balancing out" to be released soon. This is a full-length official preview with sound quality reduced. Order songs (320 kbps 44.1 kHz mp3 sound quality) by sending a request to: Music and audio production by Sergei Terekhov Lyrics and vocals by Igor Zotov Stuck in Limbo (Lyrics by Igor Zotov) No flesh, no blood No fear and no pain Just 0's and 1's In my digital brain I'm not a man Not a creature of God Synthetic blend's Infiltrating my heart (So) What's my destiny? Lost for eternity Longing for clarity Waiting for Judgment (Day) One misty day Pulse chains in my brain Made me aware And I felt ghastly pain No sins I've made But I'm falling from grace Neither evil nor good Gates of Limbo I'll face Oh my good Lord Don't leave me imprisoned in this timeless plane of existence It's thy will to bring me salvation Show me the way out of the realm of the dead And let me enter Heaven Or pass the circles of Hell As soon as I'm dead #audio #Rock #Metal #Heavy #Heavy #Metal

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