It's Not Me (It's You)

Published by The Rates

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It’s Not Me, It’s You Riding through the desert On a fixed gear bike Got two kinds of water And some kind of parasite All kind of rabies In my sheepskin hat You could consider it A self imposed handy cap Bogans get their money On a Saturday night Build a house of cards And they blow it down with dynamite Everybody knows That the man in the sun Makes a wicked margarita But they’ll never see one It’s not me, it’s you Emma ate a gator With a whole lot of hot-sauce Tried to keep it down But you know it was a lost cause Gator came back With a new attitude Said life on the inside Sure was cool Dillon’s on a mission To modify conditions He gave himself permission To make the imposition But dogs prefer To lie in the sun And I will lie with them But I’m never gonna be one. It’s not me, it’s you #audio #Open All Night

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