That’s How It Goes

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That’s How It Goes I left Panama, FLA Three weeks of nothing but cloudy days And peanut fields full of rust I came by plane but I left by bus 38 hours on the road Florida to Buffalo Cross the border, Toronto Even then only half way home Goodbye my friend I gotta go I don't think this thing we got Is ever gonna flow She said "I know That's how it goes At least we tried And now we know” Met a fella on the way Didn't have too much to say But it became apparent to me He had a dick where his head should be It's a long way my friend To have to go Just to find some things Are better if we never know Rolled into Buffalo at 5am Snow on the ground and minus ten Next stop the border on the blue and red I tried to get on but the driver said Wait right here my friend A short duration I know it's cold, and you look tired But that's the regulation I said I know That's how it goes I don't mind the cold But I fear for my soul #audio #road

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