Johnny Marble

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Johnny Marble Johnny Marble Paid the Marshal 40 pounds of bread and bones. They opened up the door Sent him on his way back home. “Don’t you ever come this way again.” Johnny Marble smiled ‘Cause he recognised the Same kind of pain That keeps you moving on More than likely Keeps you coming back again. Meanwhile somewhere Sittin’ in a rat infested Hotel room Jenny Marble nods Nods away the afternoon. “I wish I never ever heard his name” Poisonous to me But I love him just the Same, a kind of pain That keeps you hanging on Always waits until You turn your back again. Johnny got there Shortly after She had let the Demons in. One was on fire The other had a violin. They played in a long slow sad lament While Jenny kinda swayed Captivated by the Flames You’re still the same I keep moving on You just keep on Pulling me back again. #audio #Heroin Western

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