Time Don't Wait

Published by The Rates

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Time Don’t Wait I come from the Gulf On down in Alabama Rode six hours For a blowjob in Atlanta It’s the thing to do I carried on north On a hijacked dinosaur Tried to get cherry pie But they don’t make Them no more (no they don’t) ------------------------ Time don’t wait Don’t wait for me Time to make A new identity Hey you wait You wait for me Don’t let this opportunity Slip on by ------------------------ 40 days later In the land of snow Got a buffalo On the radio and I can see for miles Jet stream mind Barely confined By what we lose And what we find it Makes it all worthwhile ------------------------ Time don’t wait Don’t wait for me You got a New hypocrisy Hey don’t wait Don’t wait for me You let this opportunity Pass you by (there it goes) #audio #hush you

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