Young Flows (Prod. by Zach Williams & Waterworks Audio)

Published by TREV

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Cool song of my upcoming EP. Check out who produced this awesome instrumental. I love the Curtis Mayfield sample. I APPRECIATE ALL FEEDBACK. peace and love to all. BLESS! LYRICS You gonna put it down or not Im gonna mess this up man Don't worry bro! Nobody even knows you. No one is listening to this right now anyway. Sigh* I guess so... This still the come up tho right? well Yeah? Alright. Well I guess I'll try to do something. Fire from the mouth Komodo dragon Birthed in the land where the pants be sagging And the jacker with a crack pipe blasting laughing Jacking packin peanuts from The Jackson Ain't had a meal in a fraction 1/23 That was last weak on to my next peak Can't hide an ID Flow in my veins like an IV Sounds like the rounds of me rhyming On the come up til the signing Struggle in the past Way behind me Flow so fast With the timing Grown too fast I'm lively Get at your skin like ivy Thots all beside me They like intelligence Shit it's irrelevant I am so elegant Evidence is Majoring in Sonic youth Focusing in This my truth Way too fat So obtuse Yes I rap The fuck you do Grew up fast My whole crew Sell dime bags To your roots That's your dad Smoking chronic I'm too ill so bubonic Way to trill So hypnotic Mid west feel SHIT I CAUGHT IT AH hook you do so many things with us verse 2: So close to urban So far from the stars where my god be lurking Falling too hard for a love been searching For a dove then I dive then die oh man I am so peculiar Take a day off like I'm ferris bueler I'm such much cooler Gotta couple million sittin in the civic for a visit I am in it my attendance is a vision my incision is a mission I'mma get it never quit it never let it Get to you Or see right through you see where are you are So far You are a star my god girl you get in the car Let's sit in the back And attack Matter fact Let's react With your back on the seats And your feet by my ankles I always will thank you For taking that angle my angel My flannel Was handled By candles Right next to Atlanta The banter the candles Were smelling Like Uh Smelling like drugs Smelling like funds You telling the Feds You gonna dead Uh Hold my air Release that pressure Achieve that treasure My fam so cheesy I get this cheddar I'm so damn clever Uh Hook Verse 3: Bring it right back x2 Hit you in the cap with a slap to your top hate Bring it right back matter fact got the back pack If you want that hit a comeback Give it right back to the blacks widda soul rap If you want that hold the slack if your shit wack Give it right back take the plaque I'm the quarter back Eat so good livin nice I'm a full back Suave with a soul clap Odd with a 12 rack Ah This the job of a young king This kickin off a new thing Part of the off spring Raised by the wu tang Know my roots champaign Rep the whole scene Damn This area Scariuh Tearin ya Back and fourth Jim Carry ya Back to the court To embarrass ya Paris is looki

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