Reason (Prod. by Waterworks Audio)

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ANOTHER SONG BECAUSE THE SUPPORT HAS BEEN AMAZING AND I LOVE YOU ALL. GETTIN MORE DRAMATIC HERE. FOLLOW ME FOR MORE BARS. LYRICS: God give me a reason Gods changin the season The weather getting too cold God give me the freedom I'm so independent Jesus told me take a piece uh clean white linen Gimme raw denim Cause I love sin Life calculus You tell me give up the bull shit Still mixin In the church No verse Still spinning Live away evil get me cursed No kidding no purpose This circle So Certain This fire burnin my furnace Smokin outta the service My epidermis Worthless Can't live in my skin Cause I hate who I am To the man Pain Resurfaced Mind state Urban You put me in the ghetto surrounded by social service a Tell me I should trust you Tell you you gotta trust me too Hook You're in my blood like iron Keep me strong Bring me higher Higher than I've ever been Show me things I never seen Show me people in limousines I seen in magazines lifes gorgeous I can't afford it Take my existence Or ignore it At least take a portion In a Porsche then Crash on the courses You can give it all And take away give a good year put me in a grave Like dad say You gotta behave But he stays in a cell for my whole life Keep your hands on the wheel stay in school boy Q lights camera action Pass my reaction Facts in my head like a fraction Me over you You over me shits over do So I blew in straight from the Trap Then I flew Time to lift off #audio #Hiphop Rap #afterlight #indieelectronica #dancemusic #indiepop #skyranch #indie #popdance #edm #housemusic #dubstep #electronicpop #alternativedance #vsco #electronic #spotify #houseparty #vscogrid #vscocam #lost #vscoph #progressivehouse #kontinuum #synthpop #synth #psychedelicpop #drake #these #days #controlla #saint #pablo

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