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Springville, United States
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The illo Is capable of taking on a variety of different music and audio projects. Whether it’s for individuals, a large company, or an Indie video game studio the work that is put into each of them is always worth the result. Music is meant to enhance part or all of any giving moment. All the projects that I’m presented with are so important and precious to those individuals, companies, and studios who bring them to me. because they put such great care into their project, I will always treat those projects With the same amount of care out of respect for what they have already accomplished. The illo is a music project company that I created with the intent to see it grow and expand its abilities as we explore new avenues with each passing project.
I’ve been writing and editing music for a good 10 years now. I composed music scores for video games, I’ve done foley work, performed live with the music group, and now I’m in the process of learning postproduction work. I keep myself and my skills sharp by taking on random side projects that are usually outside my expertise. The more I discover and learn, the more I’m able to do. There is a lot I know about music and audio, but still so much more to learn. I’m looking forward to every moment of it. I hope you get to enjoy it with me.

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Standard Rate:
$250 per day ($31.25 per hour)

Industry Experience:
Gaming, Media & Entertainment

Gear & Software Experience:
Ableton Live ( Intermediate )
Pro Tools ( Intermediate )
Sibelius ( Intermediate )
Propellerhead Reason ( Intermediate )
Logic Pro ( Intermediate )
Adobe Audition ( Beginner )