Johnny Jitters - Pheltique (Malakai 7th Generation Remix)

Published by Malakai Linden

  • 1 credits

This track was done as part of a remix project, Tunese Whispers. The original track, Pheltique was remixed, passed along to the next person, remixed, passed on and so on. The track is currently in its 9th and final phase and all nine will be released as an EP in the near future. For now, enjoy my 7th Generation edit! If you like it, tell me about it! This is going to be released and for download soon on the Tunese Whispers Compilation feat. Johnny Jitters, Chokai, Gusbo, Reklein, Jules Levine, and more. Check back soon for full download links. #audio #Tablabeat #Johnny #Jitters #Pheltique #Malakai #Boulder #Colorado #New #York

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