Thesis-My Escape (Prod. Infameezy)

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I'm lookin in the mirror, clearer then it's ever been. Never win at all. Big and tall, but I'm feelin thin and small Still involved with all of the nonsense that's keepin me up late I'm frustrated with tough breaks just waitin to fuck fate. I need to change this, rearrange the gauges leave my name in pages, see the lane and take it I know I'll make it, even with my finger tips I'm sure as words that flow off of a singers lips It's just a matter of time before i find the frame of mind i need and lace my boots, strap my gloves, and start to climb the highest peak and when it's time I've reached the peak of that mountain I'll be lookin down proud, shoutin at the crowd doutbin. I seem to dream a lot, but that's because i've seen a lot And feel the need to leave my feet and see me in a dreamers thoughts The glossy frame, blurry faces And unfamiliar feelings in some unfamiliar places This is my escape My escape from reality I need a break Get it out of me I'm stuck inside a locked box Now I finally found the key This is my escape. My escape from reality I've painted pictures with my thoughts, they're my masterpiece With hopes that after me the rappers seek a different path to speak And traffic leaks into the underground and other sounds combine And narrow minds expand and standard rhymes do not define us A place to get lost, my mind prepared for lift off I'm hyped like it's the kick off, escapin life through hip hop With all the shit talked daily I still believe that this could be a movement and everybody is feelin me Maybe not, maybe wrong, that don't mean I'm finished Crazy talk, shady palms, is it just a figment? I see the light glarin close off in the distance Approach it with my head high showing it no resistance And when I get this, I'm goin hard And everyday after this I'm approachin life with open arms The hope is sparse but I'll chase it This is my escape and I know I'm gonna make it #audio

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