Thesis - Bobby Independent (Prod. Grizzly Syrup)

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Lyrics: He was my little buddy call him bobby Started makin music he was callin it a hobby Rappin out at the parties on the weekends And mornings on the school bus Tables out at lunch time But didn't feel cool enough To do it in a booth Or to get up on a stage yet Battled out at parties where everybody would take bets. Bobby's homies knew The rest stayed skeptical But after bobby won everyone was on his testicles. Later on bobby thought about it different Lovin what he's doin maybe he should take a risk and Put on a disk and have the people hear it all To elevate he just had to rid the fear to fall. Got a song done and showed it to the neighborhood Now hes got his name in their mouths sayin the flavors good Put out a mixtape Everybodies diggin it Handin out so many that he tore a couple ligaments Now his names out, shows on the regular, Name up in the paper and he's sleepin with the editor writing his reviews, layin up in bed with her Fillin in the blanks and providin her with better words Party lifestyle many different countries Everywhere he goes everybody gonna come see him Lovin it Grubbin it Feelin like he's in the highest chain of the government And then one day a man approached him and said "Kid I like you I work with a big label and we'd really love to sign you You got skill gotta change a few things though You need to dress like this and learn to sing slow" "Me sing slow? Man I rap I dont sing at all" "Well we can fix that, singin aint even involved Just sign here for the 20 year agreement we take 95%. Plus the fee's kid." Bobby Said "Fuck that yall offending me. Ill make my money and I'll do it independently. I gotta fan base, merch, and a lot of talent Down to do the work but the other end has gotta balance out Went his own way made his mark Understood to see the light he had to travel through the dark From the start He knew that it was real and he could make it And he aint even have to change shit #audio

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