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At an evolved state of mind, "Tommy" brings some of his best pieces of music forward within a 5 track compilation(EP) called "Butterfly, Oh Butterfly!" Molding his sound into what is heard, Tommy displays that he isn't confined into any box, and that his mind is free-flowing. Tracks such as "BEETLEJUICE" and "MERCY" being fan favorites, Tommy not only shows improvement, but maturity compared to "AFCE". ------ I worked extremely hard, long hours to bring this to you. I really hope you enjoy it, I tried my best! Thank you to my team. Special thanks; - Oliver Vigil - Nick Michelotti - Judas - Reagan Barcelon - Uub - Ryansded Writers: Thomas Hayes Ford Producers: Thomas Hayes Ford Nick Michelotti Beats (In Order): Bnchy CrossbowMC Young Swisher Nick Michelotti 8ROKEBOY #audio #Hiphop Rap #tommy #tommyhf #butterfly #of #butterfly #Hip #Hop #Summer #vibes #love #sad #rap #RB #Relax #hits #singing

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