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Eivissa, Spain
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Born in Milan in 1986, Thomas Gioia had a keen interest in music from a very young age and it wasn’t long before it became his main occupation. At 16 years old he discovered the console and the technique of mixing that would keep him fascinated for years to come. A self-taught musician, his sought-after sounds, soon became a regular feature at private parties as Thomas gradually made himself known to promoters with this early success, his name quickly becoming synonymous with quality music in Milan. Always open and willing to take on new sounds, Thomas first arrived in Ibiza, his musical home, in the summer of 2007. The dubby deep-house and tech-house sounds played around the island ran deep in his veins and his experiences on the Spanish island that year assured him the qualities of his own DJ sound. By 2009 he was performing regularly at major clubs in Milan such as Magazzini Generali, Gasoline, Codice a Barre and Rocket. His warm sound and tight rhythms, never confined to strict genres, led to experimentation and research in new approaches to music, guaranteeing constant freshness.
Now a regular guest in many of Ibiza’s clubs, Thomas has played frequently in Privilege, The Zoo Project, Channel Zoo, Space and Pacha. During the winter season he never stops. Travelling and playing throughout Europe, Thomas continues his search for new sounds.