Artoem PeretiatkoPRO
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Philadelphia, United States
Last online: 7 months ago
I started making music when i was 15 years old. Little did i know beats would become my life style. People Heard my name started callin me Tjomba when i was young.The People chose it.. I will do everything possible to create a vibe which will make your head knock. If it does i know enough. My taste for beats is different. Here's my email if you have any questions. Let me know what you think about the beats. My inspiration is never ending keep tuned... Beat makers& Beat Headz & rappers stay creative. Respect! Follow,checking my music i'll follow/check yours. Beat universe still stretching. It will have no boundaries. Im in for collabs if you want to rap on my beat(s) give me a mail we can figure something out. Mail= Thank you for your time. Peace, Tjomba Beats Gear: -M-audiooxygen 61 -MPD32 -Spark LE -Mopho Synth -Arturia Mini Lab Daw: -Ableton live 9 - Reason 7 - Pro tools 10-11