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Los Angeles, United States
Last online: 7 months ago
Kevin "Tk" Gorgonia is a Voice Talent, MoCap Artist, Health & Happiness Advocate, Superhero Fan, and Forever Gamer who brings as many experiences with him to the table when working and performing. His entertainment experience comes from years in Comedy Improv, and On Stage performances involving Theatre and Dance. Lifetime influences include Video Games, Physical Fitness, Medical practice, and Military just to name a few. Some of his additional skills involve Photo, Audio, and Video editing, as well as Graphic Design. Tk believes in understanding as many different philosophies, interests, and points of view in order to accurately create, and deliver meaningful performances. Find more about me or contact me at: Wesbite: tkgorgonia.com Email: kgorgonia@gmail.com #tkgorgonia #voiceover #motioncapture #firstsaturdayproductions
      uniE603 Latin, Energetic, Vivacious, Friendly
      uniE603 High-Pitched, Mischievous, Honeyed
      uniE603 Gravelly, Low Tone, Raucous, Booming
      uniE603 Soothing, Wise, Mature, Natural Tone
      uniE603 Nasally, Comic, Monotone
      uniE603 Valiant, Inspiring, Heroic, Gritty
      uniE603 Jamaican, Frightened, Brittle