Jan Tlamka
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Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovakia
Last online: 1 year ago
Tlama a.k.a JTBIG has been attracted to music since the time he and his brother mounted an antenna on the roof of their parents home so that they were able to listen music on their tuberadio and made recordings on of the first old fashioned Tesla Sonet Duo - ANP210 (real) taperecorder. At the end of the eighties suffering communism-time he started at the so called youth-club in LM playing the collection of all his recordings to the crowd that was really hungry for some music. During this regime is wasn’t easy at all to become a DJ: you needed to pass an examen in front of a commision to obtain a degree. There were 3 kinds of degrees: First degree: the DJ was only allowed to play in his hometown Second degree: you were allowed to play in the region Third degree: the lucky guy could play across the whole republic DJ Tlama obtained the second degree and his DJ carreer started slowly with his 2 Tesla CD players and Seak DMR 7 mixer, becomming a resident DJ in a pub in Liptovsky Jan earning the amount of 5 dollars a night in 1991. After a few years the first big step forward came with a pair of Technics turntables, DMC membership and a regularly visit to the “World of Music” recordstore all the way in Munich. However the biggest step came in 1998 leaving all commercial sound behind a started focusing on dancemusic only by founding the DJ agency “Fresh Production”, launching his website so he could presenting his DJ’s and their DJ-sets moving in styles from chill-out to techno and giving his own outdoor parties (like Opalisko House Camp and La Mara Boat). During his DJ carreer Tlama has been playing on several events in the whole Slovak Republic as well abroad in Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Germany and the Netherlands. After been playing for 4 years on Radio Rebecca his first own production shows up under the aka of Scan Quilt Baby. Meeting Dusan Janiga and Julo Janota they founded DJT Project and soon they opened their own recording studio working together with big Slovak names like Marian Cekovsky and Dara Rolins. Finally in 2006 DJTProject releases his first album East Transpoder and the forthcoming hitsingle „Stand up“ has been picked up by all big national radiostations while the videoclip ends up on 3rd place at TV Markiza‘s hitparade and is on frequent rotation at TV Musicbox. Besides that „Stand up“ is futured on the biggest Slovak CD-compilation „Go Deejay“. Attending the WMC in Miami in 2007 DJ Tlama has been promoting his tracks by albums, CDS and of course the videoclip. Recently JTBIG started making groovy sounds under the aka Biomin H. Biomin H is 3 member project by Slovak studio freaks Jan Tlama Tlamka aka JTBIG, Kece and Jozef Caco Matejka. All of them are also members of other musical projects. While JTBIG belongs to DJTproject and LMT, Kece is a part of Sensoreal and Caco is a guitarist in the New Metal formation Quarreling Men. Biomin H was established spontaneously at the end of 2010. They worked together in the TC studio, Liptovsky Mikulas/SK where they created their "cosmic grooves". http://soundcloud.com/jtbig https://www.facebook.com/DJTlamaJTBIG https://www.facebook.com/biominh https://www.facebook.com/pages/TC-studio/354094321346186?ref=hl

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