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Sunny Beach, Bulgaria
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E-Booking LTD
7a Blvd. Maria Luiza
4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Tel/Fax: +359 32 628738
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International booking & Management
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Ellectrica Recordings
Stolen Soul Music
Housecast Records
Molacacho Records
Yashi Records
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Tonny – Anatoli Angelov – was born in distant 1982 in Gabrovo city. That is where his career as dj begins - in the spirit of the disco movements of the 90s. In his early age in 1996 he plays music in his home town. Although he was young Tonnys energetic style of playing and fresh sound helped him to become popular and he begins to work in the largest club „Zalata“ with capacity of 1500 people. An year later he becomes one of the most wanted djs in the region and gets about the clubs in the area, plays in club Speed, Gabrovo, club Tornado, club Jukebox Veliko Turnovo. In the summer he often is a guest artist at the seaside: club Vogue, Golden Sands, club Bora-Bora, Nessebar, club XXX, Varna.
In 2003 he is noticed by and drawn in the fast gaining ground dj agency E-Booking which promotes him and develops his talent around the clubs in Bulgaria
In his portfolio he has dozens of mixed CDs produced by different clubs. Giving away his best he becomes wanted dj with plenty resident nights around the country…
At the moment Tonny is working on his own tracks as well as on tracks together with the Ellectrica Recordings team.

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