Sorry. Not Sorry. Ck

Published by TonyHamilton

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Yo I don't make a chorus, I just go in, and if you don't like it tell a friend, he laughing at me but I fucked his bitch, better yet she's meeting me around the bin so that I can fuck again, sorry I'm the kind of guy to make you hate me, and not really mean it when I say sorry, now picture me on a harley, with ya girl and mom wit me, went to a party with bobby b and found out your mom can snort more caine than whitney, and ya girl can blow trees better than marley, lmao, and then the pain hit me, IMA mc that quit rapping about funny things, cuz I cared wut you think, but as time moved on I cant, shit I don't care if you ever grin again, cuz I'm smilin, I'd like to thank you kindly cuz now I'm hard af, anyone is scared to touch the one that hit top ten, cuz i was worth less than fuzz, that penny in ya pocket, I ain't even worth that much, but now look at me, rappin like I've made a million bucks, but its just cuz I got negative one million fucks, and thats cuz of people like you, I double up cuz I don't trust you, shit I'm spittin bars just cuz you hate it,you got a bug up your ass, think ya better than me cuz you upper class, faggot I'll whoop your ass, I might let you live but no contact, my goofy raps just might be back, rata tat till its fuckin black, you think you gon bring me down by talking about my dad, fuck that, and fuck that fag, I see him again best believe its hulk smash, and IMA take yo bitch ass to the trash for being a drag, first in line for a record deal, but if you want me to write softer raps, I'm in last, I'm doing laps in my head, shit its better than stabbing you in the neck, a fucked up individual, I got followers so that means you are to, I'm Luke Skywalker, if anything your r2d2, or blues clues, quit cluing on my life, or I'll sick Scooby doo on you, then IMA get my crew, while I fuck you up too, why do you keep hearing choo choo? Cuz before we run a train onya bitch, that's just wut we do, this rap game make ck look like Germans, and the competition is jews, but in this sequel we don't lose, now bow to the one that said fuck how rap is IMA let loose, every time I spit its like a bullet coming at you, cuz I should be spitting in a gun range instead of the booth, tryna step to me, boy who is you, you gotta battle the crew first, cuz when I burst, you could be laid out in the dirt, so think twice before you come to me squirt, coming at any ck, is like kissin death, flirting with something that shouldn't even be met, so back tf up or ya next on tonyhamiltons hitlist, and you better believe I'll put you to rest, shit I'll even make your bed #audio #Rap #Hip #Hop #Underground #Freestyle #Freestyle #Hip #Hop #Underdog #TonyHamilton #not #signed #Rap #in #earphones

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