Tragickelly - One Float Parade - Bear Party! Bear Party! Bear Party! - Episode 6

Published by Kelly Linss

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An episode all about bears! This is episode 6 from way back when. You can catch all new episodes ever Monday at 7pm pacific on! Don't forget to like One Float Parade on on Facebook so you can keep up with news and episodes! Hey, did you miss last week's show? For shame! But don't fret, my pet: you have another chance to listen to every week's show the following Monday at 11am pacific time. Is that not awesome? Are you not entertained?!? Don't forget also to join us in the chat app at and you can hang out with me, some of the other DJs and some really rad people. Also, feel free to email me at if you'd like to make requests, ask questions, send me something you think is funny, ask for my opinion about whether a mole looks suspicious, etc. Who knows? Maybe your email could end up being read on the air! #audio #bears #comedy #internet #radio #one #float #parade #tragickelly #stfu #radiostfu #funny #novelty

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