T.O.L. Festival
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Irvine, United States
Last online: 1 year ago

Passionate about music since forever, Dj HP mixes now for over 15 years.
He discovered techno in the 90s and evolves in various styles, from breakbeat, electro through psy trance, minimal or trance progressive.
In 2009, he joined the family of pirates “WORLD PEOPLE”. This meet marks a turning point in its influences: he definitely plays psychedelic music.
Its particularity, its strong point is to make mixes eclectic, progressive and powerful.
His technique mix, gained over many years enables him to achieve very sharp and varied sets.
His own style is recognized by its mechanical sounds and acid-tinged groove.
Whatever he plays, from an electro house set to a minimal techno set, it always sounds pumping musing!
In 2011, he became a member of the Djs ‘ Crew : Natural Beat Maker (NBM) - linked to the organization KOSEN Prod - and occurred in major electronic or trance events in France.

    uniE603 "World Carnival" Stretch vs Looters feat dj HP (World people prod)
    uniE603 "INOXID" by Dj HP (festival INOX PARK 4 2013......red stage) by NBM
    uniE603 "KARNAGE" mix festival koalition 2011 by Dj HP (World People / Natural Beat Makerz)
    uniE603 "TRIPHOMIX" by DJ HP (triphonik festival) Natural Beat Makerz
    uniE603 "HEADS or TAILS" by dj HP (world people/natural beat makerz)
    uniE603 Dj HP - DON'T FUCKING MOVE - NBM records / World People prod
    uniE603 "MASTER DAY" By Dj HP (World People / Natural Beat Makerz)
    uniE603 "SYLENTH ME" by Dj HP (World People/Natural Beat Makerz)