Drum Solo-Trey Lamberth III

Published by Trey Lamberth III

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Filling in for some friends. #video #Rock #Drums #indie

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C. A. Powers (CharricVanDerVliet) @CharricVanDerVliet4 years ago

Emphasize the 4/4 beat more on a drum solo. Keep the time stricter. When doing triplets, even more so. For some reason your video came in sideways. I just shut my eyes to that. It occurs to me you might be entertained by the song "Bang Ol' Bells" on my "Musica Christmas" since most of it is percussion. (In performance, we made a big deal out of the drums sending up a "union rep" who negotiates a solo on stage. "The Drums are Revolting! You can say that again..." kind of thing.) Thought it might be amusing to you.


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