Information Age

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Beat by The Passion Hi Fi “It is the greatest truth of our age: Information is not knowledge.” ― Caleb Carr [verse 1] i just sat down to write some verse my heads hurtin i got wiped out nerves not night no more its 5 in the morning why am i still up? not sure got a white paper and a new bic pen feels nice i ain't never used it yet and i write on the top its a New Best Rap and i lean back and the music entraps me bang and a booming beat clapping and i can hear my feet tapping headphones block out sound from the past and all that's left is a slight meek laughing drift away to a different place constrict your brain to give it space it's a thing i say 'bout raps and rhymes expand your mind and it fits in place [verse 2] these hands of time, they give me age they burn my strength like an inching blaze it's the price i pay for the cigs each day it's a bad habit it'll dig my grave but i love that taste and i love that smell and it helps when i write that it comes out well leavin' my thoughts on a page or a screen it remains to be seen how come that helps blazin' the weed is another crutch i discovered such about a year ago smoke 'n puff and you open up and maybe thats what they fear the most so they say thatcha can't smoke weed and ya can't smoke cigs and you can't do drugs and you can't have fun and you cant believe that a god exists there up above [verse 3] and you cant make love and you just cant live if you do that you might die so take our tests and if you fit right in than you deserve to survive can't choose your purpose in life just do the work you're prescribed the rules make cops. now you get shot can't prove the murderous vibe something's different in kids today so many little you's misbehave and you see and you wish u could sit in place long enough to teach them to sit in place eyes on our screens, hands on a phone a creative idea ain't standin' alone retweet it appears on a thousand phones and the ones it appeals to pass it along [verse 4] favorite like it save it enlighten if it dont uncover a message? who cares what color the dress is send me true news articles send me two new thoughts of yours if you keep forwarding me the spam sorting through is impossible be a part of the smart ones starstruck with the art of learning more and creating stuff the ones out starting the startups if you don't read books you stay the same you die every time you play the games you can try to lie but the straighter edge survives in the information age #audio #Hip Hop #rap

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