UGA Music
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Rijeka, Croatia
Last online: 10 months ago

UGA was founded at the begining of the year 2011 by two young DJ’s from Rijeka - Sebb and Crix. this colab came from the need to make the electronic music scene stronger and to promote the artists who are already part of the scene same as the ones who will jet become a part of it.

Under the slogan “Music is our way of communication” UGA is determinated in it’s vision same as in it’s goal to encourage and promote all genere of true electronic music and in the same time try to border the whole story in one complex at as much possible simple and distinct way, never loosing from the sight their first motiv and idea.

The concept of UGA Music is basically based on monthly 2 hours podcast which is devided in two parts, first hours is reserved for the host and the other for guest artist.

Internet radio live stream will be able to follow once a month in period of two hours, not sure yet when, mixes will be available for download on Soundcloud, Mixcloud will also be available.

Podcast will be able to follow thru:

  • Facebook
  • Jacbri
  • Internet radio live stream station
  • Radio live stream
  • Mixcloud

Upon named ways of comunication UGA will try to have their “real” contact with their audience throu different music events which will be organized in their own production or by the one congenial organizations, friends and electronic music lovers admirers.

Beside their concept and way of acting UGA wanted to became the important part of electronic music scene and people who follow the same so it open it’s door for all initiatives, ideas and inovations that will come from the people who think they know, can and want to make the scene stronger or have an idea how to achive this mission. As a matter of fact they want to encourage such individuals by leting them know there is someone who will listen and who will try to make their ideas real.


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