Cullen- Theo(Phobia)(Prod. by Relevant Beats)

Published by Cullen Bishop

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One of the songs for an ideal demo album I'm thinking of doing entitled "Phobia". This isn't a hate song against religion nor promoting one, it's from the view of a confused person who doesn't know what the truth is about religion as a whole. The beat is produced by Relevant Beats while I added the sample dialogue using Anton Lavey's final interview and the end is a sample of Kirk Franklin's "He Reigns". Enjoy! Lyrics: V1: The Lord is thy shepherd, He'll infiltrate my brain/ According to His Word I shall not want others to do the same/ Breathless at the sight of His Light (heart) oh what to say?/ Methods trying to right all the lies told by others filled with hate/ Animosity slowly building within me until I flat line/ All of my beliefs willing to be compromised Chorus: The Lord is thy shepherd/ How will I die/ Do I come to Your Helping Hand/ Or shall I burn alive (x2) Outro: Save me, I'm breaking (x5) Excerpts: 1st one: I love life...very much. And it's been said that I can't possibly love life. That I'm a very unhappy man, must be a very unhappy man. But I would say that I'm a very happy man, an extremely happy man in a compulsively unhappy world. Satan can take the form of a beautiful woman. Satan can take the form of a sleek animal. An automobile can be very satanic. These things can be anthropomorphied into Satan. 2nd: I believe that all churches of all denominations should be taxed to the hilts. If churches were taxed as any other business...because that's what they are. Simply businesses. If they were taxed, the national debt would be wiped out over night...all churches would be wiped out over night. Ending: Our God is an awesome God he reigns from Heaven on earth with me... #music #audio #hiphop #pop #dark #religion #singersongwriter #relevantbeats #bass #melody #lyrics #2016 #original #slow #sad #electronic #atmospheric #triphop #trippy #tylerthecreator #delusionalthomas #earlsweatshirt #sia #evanescence #antonlavey #sample #church #odd #weird #creepy

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