Cullen- Catastrophe (Prod. by Absolute Beats)

Published by Cullen Bishop

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Lyrics: V1: When's the last time we had talked? When's the last time with me you walked? Publicly you try to cease all My attempts to relieve their thoughts "Oh they look so unhappy" Oh look at how they look at me Tears build up to find release Can't take your hate this constantly Chorus: Why won't you answer me What it is you ask of me? Have I gone off the deep End to begin catastrophe? V2: You don't ever wanna claim me You effortlessly defame me To prove your point that you're not crazy To lose your voice within the shaming So callous yet I still will stay Something about it keeps me entertained You play your part and you will wait Until I'm torn apart to feast on my remains Chorus *Lyrics are copyrighted by me* #music #audio #song #hiphop #pop #sad #club #melody #male #vocal #arabic #sample #lyrics #original #dark #love

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